About the game

“Aarons’s Riddle Sudoku” is a new original version of Sudoku puzzle. This game allows you to solve puzzles using the classic Sudoku rules with a much greater variety of level shapes.
The game offers solutions for hundreds of intriguing puzzles. One unique feature of the game is the ability to start playing from the small simple levels. With the complexity of the levels, the game will familiarize you with all the secrets of solving Sudoku puzzles.

Even if you’ve never solve Sudoku before, you can start playing immediately after installation right from the first minute.

Try it now, you'll love this puzzle!

Sudoku Riddle Sudoku Riddle HD


Game features:

  • Simple and comfortable user interface.
  • Puzzle solving assistance.
  • Author's backgrounds.
  • Dozens of different level shapes.
  • Three difficulty levels for players of different skills.
  • In this game, prizes will give player additional fun.
  • Sudoku adventure with interesting story.